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Friendship Video I made + Weekend Synopsis!

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Jul. 5th, 2009 | 09:06 pm
mood: full full

So! I decided to be sentimental and make a video for the friends in my life.

There are so many more friends I wish I could have included- everyone who has had an impact on my life, those I hold near and dear- but unfortunately, my camera broke and those people weren't around for the few video clips I had done previously while said stupid camera was working.

So, here is the end results- it seriously made me cry a little

If you have a youtube account do not hesitate to view and comment the video over there, and rate it too? XD.
I am such a youtube nice feedback whore!   www.youtube.com/watch


As for the July 4th Weekend. It was great having that Friday off to get home late thursday night tipsy, wake up late friday morning, take the LIRR to Roger, get changed into Paintball Gear, drive to pick everyone up (I wasn't the one driving, thank god, *can't drive and is okay with that*) get 2 minutes until the place only to find it's closed, spend two hours angry with everyone whilst trying to come up with another plan, decide on golfing, get half a mile away from the place, driver has to go home suddenly because his Cat was attacked, plans ruined, save the cat, cat was okay, driver's sister is kinda retarded, watch my friendship video with some people-whereas most of those people weren't even in the video, felt underappreciated =(, go to Roger's, sleep, till 12, miss out on a barbeque, had plans to go to Jones Beach for a fireworks display *has never been to something like that, only been to fireworks here in the city and that's a pretty high standard to live up to*, have that cancelled, go to a parking lot to see fireworks from afar, kinda lame, but kinda sweet what with me sitting on top of a car with the BF and some friends, come back home to yu-gi-oh, fall asleep, wake up now Sunday morning, watch Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei- KAFUKA X NOZOMU IS CANON, eat lots of pizza that makes my stomach unhappy, cuddle, get  on a train with lots of annoying babies, and is now home.


It was pretty good ^__^;; not as eventful as going to a big 21 + 4oth of July Manhattan styled bash by the river would have been, but this was quaint. Which I guess is a good change of pace.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to Baltimore with my girls <3 Mal, Katie & Steph. So, I'm sure there will be enough loud music, pretty boys, and drinking during that time to make up for the nonexistence that was this weekend.