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Valentine's Day

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Feb. 1st, 2010 | 07:43 pm
mood: dorky dorky

The gift for my boyfriend came in the mail already,
well, at least the first half of it!

I ordered from Snapfish a  customized card with our picture on the front of it,
some sweet words,
and a recording of my voice-
~I hope he likes it.~

The second half of the gift are cookies baked from
Cheryl & Co.- one of the best cookie producing companies out there!

Somehow, I feel Roger will like the 2nd half of the gift,



Here's a lookie at the gift!

Also, I ordered my mommy's Valentine's Day gift-
Is it bad that I get my mom a V-day gift?
A teddy bear with chocolate hearts and cookies from Cheryl & Co, too!

Everything came out to $100... man I go all out for occasions, huh?
Actually, I go all out day in and day out-

Hm. Is that bad?


Besides that, everything's been pretty much the same,

Work 9-5, Mon-Fri,
Weekends with the boyfriends and boys,
or partying with my new best friend Kristen Gerlac at assorted
clubs, raves, and the like-

I've been working around the idea of making a real manuscript,
you know-one to actually pitch for publishing?
I have an outline down, but I haven't sat down and started on anything yet.

I guess, the one thing I regret is how lively I use to be on Livejournal.
I mean, I miss being apart of the communities, and posting randomly-
checking up on friends and showing that I care-

You all know I care, right?
I care, I really do.
I really hope everyone is okay. I try to swing by every now and then,
just to see how you're doing.

If only you guys had Facebook!!!! haha.
That's really the only social networking site,
I'm ever on nowadays.

Well, if you'd like, add me: www.facebook.com/home.php
My Name's Cassandra Cartagena, if that above link doesn't work.

Ummmmm. I guess that's all for now??

Ja Ne~


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