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Reliving the most wonderful night in existence~

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Sep. 15th, 2009 | 01:46 pm
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Okay, so. Here's a somewhat detailed review of my most wonderful night, not day, because my day sucked. lol.

I wake up in the evening with a big- wait, that's their song, and I woke up in the morning like a normal person, so, yeah-

I woke up, after having only THREE hours of sleep because I was too fucking excited for this event. I felt like shit. Like, I just wanted to hurl the entire time, and I had a pounding headache with a scratchy throat. I was fretting because I didn't want to be sick on quite possibly the most important night of my missing adolescence!!

So as the day went on, work was insanely impossible, my mom wanted me to ask Owen for legal help in reference to my father's Estate that didn't exist and Jay was pummeling me with documents and mail and there was so much dictation and phone calls and I had to leave early regardless because my mom wanted to go to the bank to claim what funds were left in my late father's account. But family problems arose, particularly with my eldest brother, and we ended up not going. No matter though, I got dressed in my best sexy outfit, put on the makeup and headed out. My mother wanted me to have an escort because her and I both knew I looked way too slutty to be stalking around my neighborhood, especially with the prospect of what time I was coming home that night. So, she called reinforcements, i.e: My brother Chris, and him and his friend "escorted" me down to South Street Seaport, Pier 17.

By this time I have had my first experience of having butterflies in my stomach. I felt so sick and nervous, I held thoughts such as, "What if this is a scam?" "What if I am overdressed" "What if Chris leaves me from being too bored and I get raped at this pier or on my way home???" I still put on a brave face though;

One of my fears almost came through when we got there and there was no sign of anything anywhere. My brother, as smart as he is, lead us through the mall and out back and lo and beholddddd

This amazing boat. I was just in awe. The information provided was so sketchy. I didn't know what to expect, and here is this freakin boat and I see all the music equipment set up on it and I'm just thinking: "No. Freakin. WAYYYYYYY".

So, I jump for joy and take lots of pictures of myself, with the help of my brother, and then one of him as a thank you for everything, lmao. I met some cool girls, Rena, Michelle (who lives like, 15 blocks from me and is awesome and I hope we stay in contact and become close friends, I know, I'm a freak <3 haha) and Krista, take pics of them, and then finally we start heading in!~ The inside was BEAUTIFUL. They said there would be no flash photography or signings, BUT THEY LIED!~ Tyson and Nick were SO sweet and just signed everything asked of them, and took pictures with everyone:

And then, the first of the most amazing things that happened last night, HAPPENED!

I went to hold the camera for my friend Rena so I could take a picture of her and Tyson together. He looked me up and down and smiled before saying " Well look at you! All dolled up, you little sweetheart!" I nearly DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. I just blushed and giggled and counted down from 3 to take the picture. I was so freakin happy. It was insane. Haha. Then I too asked if I could get a picture with him, and he said of course and literally pulled me to him. I asked if I could kiss him and he just gave me this smile and bent stuck his face out for me!!! I felt so bad afterwards because one: I had lipgloss on so I immeditately said "sorry sorry!!" and started rubbing it off, and he laughed and said "That's right, you better get that off girl" in the most pretend gay voice I've ever heard, EVER, haha, he was really just too amazing.

Seriously the best picture in the history of ever for me. <3

After that Michelle said we should get autographs. I stupidly didn't bring anything to write with, but Michelle gave me some paper and when I went up to him, second best thing of the night, I told him my name, he did this purr pronounciation of my name and he spelt it with just one 's' as "Casandra" and when he asked if that was right I giggled and said "No, but that's okay, it doesn't matter" and he exclaimed that it DID matter and ripped off the piece of the paper with my name on it and started writing it again, right this time. Ahhhhh!!!~

Later, we tried to get an autograph on our dollar bills from Nick but these girls were hogging him up, finally we were able to get pictures with him, Michelle and I, that is, but they didn't come out great, so I'll just put the best one up for now:

And then.

THE BOAT STARTED MOVING!~ I seriously didn't think we were going to take a tour of the Hudson river, haha, it was so beautiful. Being on the water at that time of night, all the lights from the city, the smooth rocking motion that made me sleepy. They put food out for us (which later I stole brownies and lucky charms and oreos for my brother as a peace offering for ditching back at South Street XD)

We must have waited about 35-40 minutes before we were escorted to the top of the deck. I got FRONT ROW. It was amazing, I was giggling with Rena and Michelle the entire time.


These Germand Popstars, which is like, American Idol for Germany, came on top and they waited as AAR came on stage and started performing, it was seriously, BEAUTIFUL.


The most amazing part of the night happened. Tyson.Sang.


ME!!!!!!!!!!! Rena took a picture of it but because she was standing right beside me it was blurry, she hasn't uploaded it yet, but you better believe I'm posting it here the minute it's up, regardless of how blurry it is!!!!!! I'm going to also search everywhere for a video of the performance haha. Tyson seriously came up to my face, our noses almost touching, he was whispering his songs and I was just mezmorized. All I could help but think was "Oh, I want to kiss you so bad right now." Of course, I couldn't, and didn't. Two reasons being, I'm sure Tyson wouldn't have appreciated the act, no matter how drunk he was, and I sure as hell know Roger wouldn't have appreciated it!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha.

Tyson RIPPED his pants, lmao, so cute. He went to stand on the poles by the flag in the back, tried getting a picture but failed. Haha.

and then... sadly, it came to an end =(

I screamed out "I love you" and he said it back, but it was of course just showing fan appreciation and screaming it back, nothing more to it haha, but oh how I wish now that I had actually had some downtime with him!!!~

I met up with Chris and his friend and then Michelle came with me and the boys on the 5 train home. I have blisters on my feet but this night was well worth the pain by far.

So in love.

Still can't believe it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ hahahaha.

The End.

*screams in bliss*

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