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So, Friday is Lisa's Birthday- and I've got the best present :)

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Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 04:08 pm
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 I'm such a great person :), Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but okay, maybe a little, you caught me damnit!

Lisa's (my coworker and awesome friend)
birthday is friday and I've been going crazy looking for a birthday gift, and then it hit me when I was reading this manga called "Chocolate Cosmos", Link here: www.onemanga.com/Chocolate_Cosmos/ ( you should all read it, it's really good if you're into Shoujo)


~and in the manga the main girl confesses her love to the teacher on valentines day by presenting a flower called Chocolate Cosmos-I didn't think it existed but I looked it up and it did!

So, with the knowledge that Lisa LOVES Chocolates, so much so I bring her in chocolate cakes and such every other day from home ( she inhales them ), and that she loves flowers so much so that she buys flowers for the office to tend to every week I KNEW this would be the perfect gift, hehehe  *does excited dance*


Dun dun dun

!~Only problem was, they only grow in the UK!!!

So I tried everywhere online to find them but since they are so rare to bloom, they weren't many =( and the little that were, costs 50 bucks just shipping alone for 2  little stems of flowers, talk about a rip off!!!~ :angry face:

 But Cassandra never gives up!
So I started calling up all my flower shops here in Manhattan even with the feeling of, ~hey, this flower is out of season and not from this country, they won't have it =(~ and after literally 9 different ones I finally found one that i can pick up at tomorrow at 11:30 am!!! SO HAPPY! She's going to love it :)

I immediately squealed at my office and called my boyfriend to rant and boast~ I felt bad for an instant, it looked like I just cared about being awesome and one-uping everyone with a gift to her- but it's not that in the least. Lisa makes my work life enjoyable, she knows my family, and has been there for everything. I simply just lover her, and simply just want to give her something as rare and beautiful as she is.

But I am pretty damn awesome, nonetheless!



In other news,

I won tickets from New York Anime Festival to see the J-Rock Legends Glay  problem? Yeah bet-cha. It's in West Hollywood, CA. On the Sunset Strip.

Where do I live?

New York.



They won't pay for plane fare or hotel, so I look through Expedia to see whether or not I could afford the trip. It would be 400 per person if I go for the weekend, which is September 12-14th, and to be honest? Although I have a credit card, I really don't think I can spare the expense... =( Ughhhh.

magical_sammy !! If only you were still on the West Coast I'd totally ask to crash with you and hang out with you!!!~

Oh well.

New York Anime Festival at the Javitz Center is coming up-

Who can I expect to see there huh?? Get back to me and leaves me loads of comments friendlist! I've missed you all! =)

September is a new month and a new chapter in my life!~ All there is to do is try to keep going forward!! Who's with me?!!!

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