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I bring you pictures! And a mini update :D

Oct. 3rd, 2010 | 10:40 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished

Hello friendlist :)
It sure has been awhile huh?
How are you guys doing?

I've been quite preoccupied being lovey-dovey with Travis
throwing Tea Parties,
playing Husband and Wife
I've been cooking :O
I made some amazing Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Cutlets
and Mozzarella Chicken Roll Ups...

Ok. So I've been sticking to chicken, but whatever,
they were delicious...


I started drinking soda again :(
Not Coke.
But Cream Soda, and only on weekends really...
So it's not so bad.


Isn't it amazing???

Also... in reference to BLEACH, um.
Where is... Ulquiorra???? WHY IS HE NOT BROUGHT BACK YET?
And Fucking Orihime... I love her but I wanted to kill her when her first words were...
I think Kubo is just fucking with us now...

Okay. So since picture are worth a thousand words. Look at these and Imagine.

I'm such a bitch..Collapse )

To all my Writing Friends!!

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 10:28 am
mood: artistic artistic

Found this amazing site that is willing to look at your short stories and possibly publish/pay you for them!

It's mainly for  romance writers but, if  you scroll down a bit they are interested and open to reading other genres- as long as it's done well!

So, off the top of my head, I hope renaliner , celticoak , _debbiechan_ , and adistantplanet all submit something, you guys are amazing writers and constantly inspire me, so, I think this will be a great opportunity to get something out there, and possibly make a little cash on the side as well!

Love you all!~ and wish me luck! I for sure will be submitting something sultry ~.^

Link Here: laststandproductions.com/romancewriters.html


and on an unrelated note: Awesome Party at a drag club with my BFF Kristen this past Friday. Didn't get home until 8 in the morning the following day.

Good times. Good times.

Here's a drunken video to prove my love for Roger. :D

Valentine's Day

Feb. 1st, 2010 | 07:43 pm
mood: dorky dorky

The gift for my boyfriend came in the mail already,
well, at least the first half of it!

I ordered from Snapfish a  customized card with our picture on the front of it,
some sweet words,
and a recording of my voice-
~I hope he likes it.~

The second half of the gift are cookies baked from
Cheryl & Co.- one of the best cookie producing companies out there!

Somehow, I feel Roger will like the 2nd half of the gift,



Here's a lookie at the gift!

Also, I ordered my mommy's Valentine's Day gift-
Is it bad that I get my mom a V-day gift?
A teddy bear with chocolate hearts and cookies from Cheryl & Co, too!

Everything came out to $100... man I go all out for occasions, huh?
Actually, I go all out day in and day out-

Hm. Is that bad?


Besides that, everything's been pretty much the same,

Work 9-5, Mon-Fri,
Weekends with the boyfriends and boys,
or partying with my new best friend Kristen Gerlac at assorted
clubs, raves, and the like-

I've been working around the idea of making a real manuscript,
you know-one to actually pitch for publishing?
I have an outline down, but I haven't sat down and started on anything yet.

I guess, the one thing I regret is how lively I use to be on Livejournal.
I mean, I miss being apart of the communities, and posting randomly-
checking up on friends and showing that I care-

You all know I care, right?
I care, I really do.
I really hope everyone is okay. I try to swing by every now and then,
just to see how you're doing.

If only you guys had Facebook!!!! haha.
That's really the only social networking site,
I'm ever on nowadays.

Well, if you'd like, add me: www.facebook.com/home.php
My Name's Cassandra Cartagena, if that above link doesn't work.

Ummmmm. I guess that's all for now??

Ja Ne~


I've always wanted to tell you "Meme"

Sep. 28th, 2009 | 11:59 am
mood: amused amused

THE "i've always wanted to tell you" MEME

Come at me with you all got, =)
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Sep. 16th, 2009 | 11:57 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

I 've found some pictures from a male friend who was standing behind me during the event!!!


No matter how blurry it is!! haha!
  <--- I'm the one he's walking up to,yeah the white girl with black hair XD.

That's Him. And That's Me.

There shall be more!!!
Still on the look out for a video for it,

I'm totally obsessing over this.
I mean look at me, I should be in bed =/

Reliving the most wonderful night in existence~

Sep. 15th, 2009 | 01:46 pm
mood: content content

All American Rejects, my love!Collapse )</div>
So in love.

Still can't believe it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ hahahaha.

The End.

*screams in bliss*

So, Friday is Lisa's Birthday- and I've got the best present :)

Sep. 2nd, 2009 | 04:08 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

 I'm such a great person :), Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but okay, maybe a little, you caught me damnit!

Lisa's (my coworker and awesome friend)
birthday is friday and I've been going crazy looking for a birthday gift, and then it hit me when I was reading this manga called "Chocolate Cosmos", Link here: www.onemanga.com/Chocolate_Cosmos/ ( you should all read it, it's really good if you're into Shoujo)


~and in the manga the main girl confesses her love to the teacher on valentines day by presenting a flower called Chocolate Cosmos-I didn't think it existed but I looked it up and it did!

So, with the knowledge that Lisa LOVES Chocolates, so much so I bring her in chocolate cakes and such every other day from home ( she inhales them ), and that she loves flowers so much so that she buys flowers for the office to tend to every week I KNEW this would be the perfect gift, hehehe  *does excited dance*


Dun dun dun

!~Only problem was, they only grow in the UK!!!

So I tried everywhere online to find them but since they are so rare to bloom, they weren't many =( and the little that were, costs 50 bucks just shipping alone for 2  little stems of flowers, talk about a rip off!!!~ :angry face:

 But Cassandra never gives up!
So I started calling up all my flower shops here in Manhattan even with the feeling of, ~hey, this flower is out of season and not from this country, they won't have it =(~ and after literally 9 different ones I finally found one that i can pick up at tomorrow at 11:30 am!!! SO HAPPY! She's going to love it :)

I immediately squealed at my office and called my boyfriend to rant and boast~ I felt bad for an instant, it looked like I just cared about being awesome and one-uping everyone with a gift to her- but it's not that in the least. Lisa makes my work life enjoyable, she knows my family, and has been there for everything. I simply just lover her, and simply just want to give her something as rare and beautiful as she is.

But I am pretty damn awesome, nonetheless!



In other news,

I won tickets from New York Anime Festival to see the J-Rock Legends Glay  problem? Yeah bet-cha. It's in West Hollywood, CA. On the Sunset Strip.

Where do I live?

New York.



They won't pay for plane fare or hotel, so I look through Expedia to see whether or not I could afford the trip. It would be 400 per person if I go for the weekend, which is September 12-14th, and to be honest? Although I have a credit card, I really don't think I can spare the expense... =( Ughhhh.

magical_sammy !! If only you were still on the West Coast I'd totally ask to crash with you and hang out with you!!!~

Oh well.

New York Anime Festival at the Javitz Center is coming up-

Who can I expect to see there huh?? Get back to me and leaves me loads of comments friendlist! I've missed you all! =)

September is a new month and a new chapter in my life!~ All there is to do is try to keep going forward!! Who's with me?!!!

Rave Rave Rave

Jul. 6th, 2009 | 10:15 pm
mood: rushed rushed

Need one.

Kinda now.

Anyone know of any underground raves here or around New York City- something that will let my 17 yr old friend in no problem? I'm good to go in for anything, any age- but she needs a fix herself.

Kinda want ecstasy too, but don't tell no one.


Friendship Video I made + Weekend Synopsis!

Jul. 5th, 2009 | 09:06 pm
mood: full full

So! I decided to be sentimental and make a video for the friends in my life.

There are so many more friends I wish I could have included- everyone who has had an impact on my life, those I hold near and dear- but unfortunately, my camera broke and those people weren't around for the few video clips I had done previously while said stupid camera was working.

So, here is the end results- it seriously made me cry a little

If you have a youtube account do not hesitate to view and comment the video over there, and rate it too? XD.
I am such a youtube nice feedback whore!   www.youtube.com/watch


As for the July 4th Weekend. It was great having that Friday off to get home late thursday night tipsy, wake up late friday morning, take the LIRR to Roger, get changed into Paintball Gear, drive to pick everyone up (I wasn't the one driving, thank god, *can't drive and is okay with that*) get 2 minutes until the place only to find it's closed, spend two hours angry with everyone whilst trying to come up with another plan, decide on golfing, get half a mile away from the place, driver has to go home suddenly because his Cat was attacked, plans ruined, save the cat, cat was okay, driver's sister is kinda retarded, watch my friendship video with some people-whereas most of those people weren't even in the video, felt underappreciated =(, go to Roger's, sleep, till 12, miss out on a barbeque, had plans to go to Jones Beach for a fireworks display *has never been to something like that, only been to fireworks here in the city and that's a pretty high standard to live up to*, have that cancelled, go to a parking lot to see fireworks from afar, kinda lame, but kinda sweet what with me sitting on top of a car with the BF and some friends, come back home to yu-gi-oh, fall asleep, wake up now Sunday morning, watch Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei- KAFUKA X NOZOMU IS CANON, eat lots of pizza that makes my stomach unhappy, cuddle, get  on a train with lots of annoying babies, and is now home.


It was pretty good ^__^;; not as eventful as going to a big 21 + 4oth of July Manhattan styled bash by the river would have been, but this was quaint. Which I guess is a good change of pace.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to Baltimore with my girls <3 Mal, Katie & Steph. So, I'm sure there will be enough loud music, pretty boys, and drinking during that time to make up for the nonexistence that was this weekend.


AnimeNext 2009 - Pictures and Fun and Cosplays! =D

Jun. 17th, 2009 | 11:03 am
location: Garden State Exhibit Center
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Boom shakalaka

So, to put it simply, this Convention was amazing.

It was such a great social convention. I did not go to any panels, or any events i.e. Cosplay Chess or Dating Game or the Masquerade but that's okay because I heard they sucked anyways XD but I had an amazing time just:

-being with friends,
-drawing naked girls on white boards within empty rooms and blaming it on my boyfriend,
-taking dips in the pool and being carried like a princess from 3 feet to 5 feet,
-premiering my Tabby from .hack/Gu costume
- having my friends throw me a suprise birthday party. recieving lots of amazing gifts, eating Pizza Hut and cupcakes :D
-raving until 4 am in the morning-
which includes the breakdance circle and guys drooling over my sexy latina hips and dancing ability,
-having a Digimon vs. Pokemon Soccer Game with Digimon WINNING 2-1, My being MVP. No Joke. The Mimi (me) of the Digimon team was MVP, how amazing is that?
-and making a bullshit panel called "Con Drama 101" at which we ushered people in and listened to their problems and the usual drama that happens at conventions and do are best to solve it.

So, that's pretty much the highlights. The Cons of the Convention aren't too bad, so I won't even mention them =D

Now, I know all of you only came here to see the pretty pictures, so look down below =D

AnimeNext, you ma-ma-ma-make me happehCollapse )

And that about raps it up!! Hope you enjoyed!! <3333

Edit! Here's a quick second video of me at least running around on the "soccer field"

Go Team Digi!Collapse )